Is this the beginning of the end of reality show mania..? Or does this mark a new turning point in the marketing thereof?

ABC’s new reality series “Welcome to the Neighborhood” is apparently no longer welcome to a time slot. The network has pulled the show just days before the debut, despite several weeks of heavy promotion.

The concept — three white Christian families in Texas pick their new neighbors — was apparently too offensive to too many. The seven families vying for the new home included an Asian family, a African-American family, a Hispanic family, a gay couple with a black child, a Wiccan family, a family of tattooed and pierced Republicans, and a poor white family. In addition to all of the stereotypical comments that ensue, conservative Christian groups are assailing the show for making all of them look like bigots.

All I can say is… what a way to generate buzz for placing it on the fall schedule. Nothing makes people more curious than what they can’t see.