Why I blog

Why do I blog? Good question.

If you invest yourself in a public forum, people will find it and you’ll expose your fears, prejudices, flaws, and personality quirks.

If you don’t invest yourself publicly, people will find you dull, uninteresting, and just plain common.

So why do any of us blog? I subscribe to the Wallenda Theory. You walk the tightrope because you can and few can. You know you could fall at any time, and the closer you cling to that edge, the more people you’re inclined to draw to the spectacle.

If you blog for any audience, you have to admit there is a rush when people see your thoughts exposed, and validate you.

I get secondary benefits:

  • I get to write on a semi-consistent basis, now that I don’t have multiple daily journalism deadlines.
  • I get to express myself, and even sling a little attitude along the way.
  • I force myself to crystallize my communications philosophy, by distilling my thoughts against applied problems.
  • I get to interact with and meet PR professionals from across the country. (If they wind up furthering my cache in media training, then that’s even better.)

And that’s more than enough for me.