November 14, 2006: 6:57 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

It’s been one year of blogging for Andrea Weckerle over at New Millenium PR.

She jumped right in, and was always kind enough to comment and share her opinions and experiences. (That’s why she’s in the Sez Who? section.)

November 3, 2006: 5:42 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

And a happy first birthday at that, for Kami Huyse over at Communication Overtones!!

Out of the gate, she started with a purpose and a perspective. If you care about the future of PR, add her to the daily read list.

July 13, 2006: 6:41 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

A Happy 2-Year Blogiversary to the hardest working man in the Capitol!

Tex Turner over at Watching Washington has a stellar resume, and it seems like just yesterday that the Watchdog started barking in cyberspace. (It all started here.)

He’s done a lot more with pod-and-vod-casting than I have, and if you’re not one of his online minions, then you ought to be!

July 2, 2006: 6:03 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

Start the fireworks early for Jeremy Pepper, who celebrates three years of blogging at POP! PR Jots!

His abuse of the exclamation point aside, Jeremy is a voice of reason in public relations. He asks a lot of the questions that need to be asked, and doesn’t drink the kool-aid.

June 22, 2006: 8:19 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

A Happy Two-Year Blogiversary to Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications in Boston and San Francisco.

Thanks to the Wayback MachineArchive, you can see the birth of PR-Squared, before its very recent move.

June 14, 2006: 5:22 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

Happy 1st Blogiversary to Steven Silvers over at Scatterbox. Steven’s one of those guys that isn’t worried about momentum or schedules. He just writes very profound things and doesn’t pad them with filler. He’s a must-read.

Here’s a link to his first post in the archive, talking about the San Francisco 49ers’ media training debacle.

April 1, 2006: 5:50 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

A Happy 1st Blogiversary to Peter Himler, who brought “The Flack” online a year ago today.

Peter’s got that good mix of old-school PR street smarts and new-wave communications theory. He gets it.

He was also one of the first “real grownups” to notice my humble little blog, back in the old blogspot days. Without Peter, my readership might still be in the single digits, instead of firmly entrenched in the couple-dozen range.

March 20, 2006: 5:12 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

Happy Blogiversary to the Media Orchard, from Dallas’ Idea Grove.

(Sure, the first entry goes back to February of 2005, but that was a backdated item. The Orchard’s first fruit was a year ago today.)

Scott Baradell is a kindred spirit — a former newsie who uses his skills to help others communicate. There’s nothing ignoble about that.

January 31, 2006: 5:53 am: Blogiversaries, Personal

This marks one year of PR blogging for John Wagner over at On Message.

He’s worth the read if you are so inclined.