Comment Policy

The Commandments:

  1. This is my playground. You’re welcome to play, until you start breaking my toys.
  2. Disagreeing with me is a-okay. Rude, inappropriate language of a personal manner will get you punted.
  3. Irreverent is okay, just don’t be mean.
  4. Spam™ is a registered trademark of the Armour Meat Company.
    Spam is welcome here.
  5. “spam” is an abomination unto the Lord. Blogspam is an evil mutant variety of “spam.”
  6. Akismet is an abomination unto blogspam.
  7. Akismet is my #1 playground cop. It’s also a great reason to think about moving to WordPress.
  8. Comment often.
  9. Link back often.
  10. Come back often.