Know your audience — and know your media.

It’s not just the rules that are changing ever faster… it’s the evolution and revolution of the game.

I still run across “old-schoolers” who beat the same mantra they memorized out of the old PR texts. That includes the old “sneak the bad news out on a Friday” canard.

Several of major things have changed:

  • The news cycle is now constant, so there’s no benefit in dropping bad news on Fridays. Even traditional print publications are seeing the value in updating websites between issues.
  • The news is now niche-oriented, which means that specific outlets will run you down regardless of the time.
  • Reporters and editors have learned, and have evolved new habits. Particularly the financial reporters.

The two keys are knowing your audience and cultivating your relationships with media gatekeepers. Yes, that is starting to include bloggers, who are the nichiest of the bunch, are the least beholden to news cycles, and appreciate your time and attention more than most.

And don’t forget about placing stories on Friday. From my experience, Friday was one of the more difficult days to nail good stories. A couple of quick calls in the morning will let you know if the reporters and editors in your area are already budgeted for the day, or if they are in need of what you are pitching. (The greater their need, the greater your control, and the more prominent the placement.)

In my market, most of the civic meetings that draw media attention are on Tuesdays. I do my best to avoid scheduling events or releases for Tuesdays, moreso than Fridays. Your mileage may vary.