Here in the South, college football is king… and no other sport is even worthy to join the court. (Unless you are Kentucky, and it’s not been a great basketball season thus far by Big Blue standards.)

The big storyline going into the bowl season was hyped up as the USC Trojans attempted a “three-peat” as national champions. ABC promoted the Game of the Century. ESPN asked if this USC dynasty was the greatest of all time, with fans picking the outcome against legendary undefeated teams. So you could understand how a few folks might get their knickers in a twist over being “left out.”

Take LSU fans, for instance. The Bayou Bengals won the 2003 BCS championship over Oklahoma, while the Trojans got the AP media vote. Yet it was as if LSU’s championship had been blown out by Hurricane Katrina, never to be seen again.

Enter “Onepeat” — the mad mixture of LSU alumni, UCLA fans, and a Mobile, Alabama, ad agency with a soft-spot for lost causes. The goal of Onepeat is to raise $10,000 to buy a billboard, smack in the middle of Trojan-land. “Shouldn’t dynasties win more than one?”

It didn’t take long to raise the $10,000 — and any additional funds collected will go to the American Red Cross designated for Hurricane Katrina relief activities.

From the site:

We do not possess hatred for USC. The media’s constant “three-peat” hype had just gone too far. As we’ve said time and time again — we are here to set the record straight. Simple as that. And as for our chosen location, where better to gain national media attention than near the USC campus? {smirk}

It just goes to show that if you force your message hard enough, you might trigger a gag reflex. Forget “blogs” and “citizen journalism” and the like. Today’s media consumer is empowered to use traditional media and shed the “pajama guerilla” label.